The III International Colloquium on Feminism and Agroecology intends to promote reflections on these themes, departing from a gender approach and in dialogue with diverse sources of knowledge and experiences of social organizations, technical assistance and rural extension entities, in order to seek subsidies for academic reflection, public policies and social movements.

The Colloquium will take place in Recife/PE, Brazil, from the 8th to 11th April 2019.


The Colloquium intends to integrate actions of universities and other institutions, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), with the collective action of social movements of rural women, to give visibility to women's knowledge in different fields of action, having feminism and agroecology as references.

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The specific goals of the meeting are

1. Promote the integration of educational institutions and social organizations that work with gender, agroecology and collective action;

2. Contribute to the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students and social organizations of the agroecological and feminist movement;

3. Facilitate the socialization and exchange of agroecology experiences of farmer women, as well as in other agroecology activities they are involved in;

4. To know and provide for the exchange of women’s collective actions around food security and the promotion of the agroecological transition;

5. To deepen cooperation actions between academic institutions of participating countries;

6. To discuss the creation of an international network of researchers in Feminism and Agroecology in order to promote the internationalization of research centers and Postgraduate Programs with an interface in this thematic.


Axes of the Colloquium

The Colloquium will be organized on 3 structural axes: labor, care and commons in its interfaces with feminism and agroecology. Labor will be approached in its productive dimension in family and peasant agriculture and in women’s subordinated insertion in paid work in the transnational agri-food systems. The III Colloquium will approach women’s contribution and the difficulties they face to guarantee the recognition from the State, the mixed social movements and the social and economic organizations, such as NGOs and Cooperatives.

These debates will also be deepened considering the feminist studies and reflection from several paradigms such as sexual division of labor. The Colloquium will also discuss care from contemporary debates of feminist economics and justice ethics, amongst others. Additionally, it will discuss these subjects in its interface with the reflections about the relationship between women and natural goods, specially the defense of land, of the territories, of water and of agrobiodiversity.


Previous events


In 2012 researchers of Toulouse University, France, articulated actions to promote reflections about the condition of rural women in peasant and family agriculture. They also seek to approach researchers, professionals and social movements to deepen reflections in the area and build joint initiatives to transform gender inequalities in rural areas.

In this sense, departing from broader reflections about gender and family agriculture, the researchers proceeded with debates related to gender, care and environment in a colloquium at Lyon University, in 2015.


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